When: Monday until Friday

Time: From 9:00am until 4:00pm (early drop off 8:00am)

Cost: $150 full day, $90 Half day  $40 Daily (early drop off is available for extra $25.00)

Children: 5 to 12 (children may be grouped according to their age and level of knowledge. All levels of knowledge are welcome)

Lunch: Children need to bring a packed lunch and mid session snacks and drinks (No nuts, and no food sharing please)

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Camp Details

Your child will learn and make new friends in this week long camp. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors. Click HERE to view what your child typical day looks like.

The first rule in any of our camps is having FUN. Our goal is to inspire the love of science through FUN and engaging activities. Every day, your child will learn from exciting demonstrations, engage in hands-on experiments, and make new friends. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors.

Summer (5-day Camp)

Day 1> Liquid in Motion

We start the day by an introduction to water world. We learn about aquatic animals and plants, Water bodies such as ocean, lakes, streams etc. Students will participate in different hands-on activities to examine concepts learned.
We learn about polar properties of liquids, and then we experiment with different physical and chemical activities to demonstrate these concepts.
Is something fishy happening? We interact with the Cre8ive Zone golden fish – Fasty. We exanime Fasty anatomy and her movement under water. The last session will examine energy and different uses of water. We create a tornado and learn about the science of floatation.

Day 2> Weather Science

We transform into meteorologist for the day, and learn about clouds and cloud identification. We put all what we have learned to the test using FUN quizzes and games.
We learn how tornadoes are formed and  recreate a tornado in a bottle.
We also  make a rain gauge to determine how much rain we will be getting this summer

Day 3> Past & Present Science

We start the day by learning about the animals who roamed the earth in the past. five senses. We discuss how the brain works, and put our sense of reasoning to task using a simple game.
We learn about the importance of biodiversity, by taking a journey back to learn about dinosaurs (how many can you name?) and other animals who are facing extinction. We then make a chart to record animals and plants we see around us.
We learn about warm/cold blooded animals. Do we have any in our local area? We create a food chain (using paper cups) to learn more about biodiversity.

Day 4> Fabulous Science

During this session, children will be learning about the role of DNA through a variety of hands-on activities. We will examine what makes individual unique. This session culminates in creating a simple model DNA. We will use the microscope to examine the DNA of some plants, seeds etc.
Glow Eggs- We look at different types of plants and animals on the farm. We examine the role of farmers, and how we raise livestock. We continue by learning about eggs (from chickens). What is the composition of the shell?

Day 5> Science Genius

On this final day, we will start by assessing what we have learned so far using a FUN quiz….what a genius our students are?
Picasso – who is the next genius picasso? Students explore the art of free paint, as they create thier own unique creation. They may not be painting like Picasso yet, but they are already brimming with ideas.
For our final session, children will learn about polymers, colloids and how they are used in consumer products. We learn about the science behind these products, after which we make individual slime to take home.

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