Science Clubs

Science Clubs

Encourage the tech genius in your family to develop their skills. At the Cre8ive Zone science club, children explore a wide variety of scientific concepts in Science, Art and Technology. We engage children in hands-on projects every week. Interested students may join one of the teams based on their grade level and skills in science and technology.
Club members also stand a chance of participating in local and national contests (as opportunities arise)

Cre8ive Zone science clubs give children the opportunity to progress beyond the regular curriculum into a more advance scientific concepts.


Cre8ive Cubs – Pre-school
Registering your child in our pre-school science club will give them a head start in science learning. Your preschooler will learn about basic concepts in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Robotics. At the Cre8ive Zone, we introduce children to the wonderful world of STE(A)M learning through fun and interactive PLAY!
Do you want to develop your children’s interest in science at an early age? Learn More…

Cre8ive Cats – K-8
Cre8ive Zone science club gives children the opportunity to progress beyond the regular curriculum into a more advance scientific concepts. Club members participate in local and national science competitions. Learn More…

** Science Club enrollment is during the school year (August – May). Science clubs do not meet during the summer months (June/July)
** Science Club enrollments are non-refundable, and non-transferable.


Registration fee is  $50 (one time yearly payment)

Club members receive membership badge on Lanyard, Individual folders and STEAM swag. Other benefits include:

Members’ only facilitated workshops
Pick-up from school (Additional fees may apply)
Participation in local and national science competitions
Connect and collaborate with like minds.
Develop soft skills such as, critical thinking and research methodologies.

Gift of Science Club Membership

What better gift could there be than to develop your children’s creativity and their interest in science.
Participation in hands-on science activities at the Cre8ive Zone will give your future scientists a head start in STEM/STEAM learning.

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