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For an extra special party experience, guests must choose from three activities from one of our creative party hands-on Party Packages


Explore the world of Chemistry with mixtures, solutions, colors and more. All packages end up with a surprise!

Chemi-FUN-tastic!-DIY Polymer Slime Party
Get ready to get slimed! Party guests make their own fun slime to take home with them. (choose three activities)

  • Glow in the dark slime
  • Glitter Slime
  • Instant worm
  • Instant rainbow Snow

Chemi-FUN-tastic!-Fun Science Bubble Party 
Get creative with different types of bubbles! (choose three activities)

  • Bubble boo(Smoke bubble)
  • Bubble inside a bubble
  • Bubble Snake
  • kids in a bubble and much more

Chemi-FUN-tastic!-Science Artsy Color Party
Get creative with art related to science (choose two activities one from each package)

Package I

  • glow jar
  • acrylic art
  • slime art

Package II

  • painting with bubbles
  • Instant rainbow snow

Chemi-FUN-Tastic!-Science Detective Party
Be an investigator for a day! (choose three activities)

  • Secret message-invisible ink(Reactions)
  • Secret message-invisible ink(Light)
  • What is in my vegetable?(Digital Microscope)
  • pH Indicators (Household chemicals)
  • Kids in a bubble and much more

Chemi-FUN-tastic!-Frozen Jolification
Explore the frozen fun of dry ice. Learn about the chemistry of dry ice, and all the fun you can have with different dry ice experiments.(choose three activities)

  • Bubble boo
  • Bubble suprise
  • Bubble bowl
  • Dry ice boat!
  • Blow up my balloon fun

Electrical Circuits Fun!
Learn about conductors and insulators, static electricity and much more while having fun! (choose two activities)

  • Light up! your play dough creation
  • Human circuit!
  • graphite Electric circuit
  • LED Throwies!
  • Electric Corn starch

Build A Car Party
Zoom ! Zoom !!
Party guests will design and build their own cars to take home. They learn about  gear alignment and gear ratios while having fun! Test and race your cars with friends. (Choose one Package)

Package I: Solar Powered Car
Package II: Air Propelled Car
Package III: Gear Propelled Car

Robotics Party
Beep ! Beep !! Beep !!!
The sky is the limit with this activity. Party guests design and build their own robots to take home. Guest can choose from, “Smart robot, Doodling robots, Duck or Drummer robots. Guest may also program the EVO robot  to do exciting movements with color coding. Guest can also build and program  many exciting robots using the cubelet modular robot. (EVO  and Cubelet robots are not take-home robots). 

Minecraft Party
Come enjoy your birthday by battling with your friends in the Cre8ive zone media center


Please limit your food choices to snacks or prepared foods such as pizza, cake, ice cream, and drinks.

Party/Booking Instructions

  • Click on the “Book Now” button to secure your time slot, and complete all necessary registration online. (Please note: Pricing is based on the type of theme)
  • Upon booking your party, a non-refundable $50 deposit will be charged to your card on file. The balance is due the day of the party based on the total number of guests.
  • Provide all names of persons invited to your party (You can download this from our website and bring this on the day of the party.
    Your guest count includes 15 children and 10 adults (parent or a chaperon). Hands-on science demonstrations will be provided only for the number of children you signed up for. Additional participants must be paid for prior to attending the party, so that the host/hostess can be fully prepared.
  • Please note that you are responsible for the conduct and safety of the children attending your party.
  • Keep in mind that parties at the Cre8ive Zone are hands-on parties, therefore ensure that your guests arrive on time before the beginning of demonstrations.
  • Party time: 2 hours
  • Finger foods only please.

Waivers/Invitation for each guest
Please read our waivers before making your reservations. Encourage your guests to read our online waiver before participating in hands-on activities. Waivers are included in our complimentary birthday invitations. If you choose, you will receive a printable version of our waiver in your confirmation email once party is booked.
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