When: Monday  until Friday

Time: From 9:00am until 4:00pm (early drop off is available for extra $10)

Cost: $150 full day, $90 Half day, $40 Daily  (early drop off is available for extra $25.00)

Children: 5 to 12 (Children may be grouped according to their age and level of knowledge. All levels of knowledge are welcome)

Lunch: Children need to bring a packed lunch and mid session snacks and drinks (No nuts, and no food sharing please)

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Camp Details

Your child will learn and make new friends in this week long camp. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors. Click HERE to view what your child typical day looks like.

The first rule in any of our camps is having FUN. Our goal is to inspire the love of science through FUN and engaging activities. Every day, your child will learn from exciting demonstrations, engage in hands-on experiments, and make new friends. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors.

(5-day Camp)

Day 1> Code in Motion

We start the day by an introduction to Robotics, and what the world would be like without these machines. We examine different concepts and terms related to computer coding, and learn how to write simple codes using Blockly. Working in teams, we apply our knowledge in designing three simple projects.

Day 2> Code in Motion

We explore other aspects of blockly programming language. We use our code to operate tiny robots. We also create a group project using ozobots and cubeletes. Children will also make sprites that would be sent to space using blockly programing.

Day 3> Robo Helpers!

We transform ourselves into engineers, and learn some aspects of construction. We demonstrate our skills by building a crane, a mover, and other simple machines that make life livable for others. We continue the week by learning about electronics and engineering.
We will learn about circuits, and use different activities to demonstrate how to connect and break circuits. We learn about energy/power transmission. We will use our circuitry skills to light up a playdough

Day 4> Fruit Science!

On this day, students will conduct hands-on experiments to determine if fruits can conduct electricity. The instructor will also be demonstrating other cool experiements using fruits.
Participants will learn and integrate concepts from electronic, circuitry and conductivity to make personal wearable circuits

Day 5> Nature Lovers

Sweet smelling Botany – Campers will learn about plants. This session will cover a wide range of topics, such as the importance of plants, their use in medicine, and in nutrition. We learn about the chemical composition of some plants by conducting simple experiments, and by examining slides under the microscope.
We learn about lemon grass, and make lemongrass-scented bath bombs to take home.
Gross Science – Ewwww!! In this workshop, we examine the biology behind fungus. We examine why mold grow on bread, and learn about some of the characteristics of these cellular organisms.
Creativity Science – in the final session for the week, we encourage campers to use their knowledge and creativity to solve tasks independently and as a team. Teams must use their scientific creativity to help people who live on two different tropical island perform certain tasks more effectively using the natural resources they have.

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