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Your child will learn and make new friends in this week long camp. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors. Click HERE to view what your child typical day looks like.

The first rule in any of our camps is having FUN. Our goal is to inspire the love of science through FUN and engaging activities. Every day, your child will learn from exciting demonstrations, engage in hands-on experiments, and make new friends. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors.

Summer (5-day Camp)

Day 1> Science Glam

In this session, we are doing science “Hollywood Syle”

We venture into Hollywood, and the business of making movies by making a spinning zoetrope. We create a illusion hollywood style by generating exciting scripts/story using our zoetrope.
We learn about the anatomy of flower. We learn about chemical reactions of colors by creating “colorful flowers” — we experience the power of color by  turning natural white flowers to a more colorful one (this experiment will be continued at home).
We learn about the chemical composition of some plants by conducting simple experiments, and by examining slides under the microscope.
We learn about lemon grass, and make lemongrass-scented bath bombs to take home

Day 2> Super Science

Does light travel in a straight line? We explore the whys and how’s by using a simple experiment to demonstrate. Using simple items around the Cre8ive Zone, we explore the concepts of reflection and refraction.
We learn about the history of LED lights, and we create our own LED touch to take home.
We continue by learning about propulsion. Students will be tasked with creating different types of aerodynamic objects to demonstrate their learning.

Day 3> It’s a big wonderful world!

We examine our world and the solar system. We demonstrate using a simple activity to learn about the planets.
We travel to the ancient Roman empire, and learn about how magnets and magnetic fields are used. We will also learn about modern nano-magnetism. We explore north and south poles and build our own compasses.
Finally, we tasked our lungs and experiment with Bernoulli principle. We discuss the principle behind this experiement (pressure, and direction)

Day 4> Classic Science

Forces – Discover the science behind pneumatics. We demonstrate by making pneumatic toys to reinforce our learning.
We start by examining some simple principles of energy and energy transfer. We learn about active and passive energy. We examine these concepts by using examples from day to day lives to demonstrate kinetic, heat and potential energy
We continue our exploration of energy transfer by learning about solar, electrical and chemical energy. We talk about the importance of solar energy in our world. How do plants and animals use this energy?
During this session, we will also demonstrate how the heat energy from our bodies can boil liquids. Finally, we use temperature sensitive beads to demonstrate the concept of heat energy transfer.

Day 5> Science Creativity

We will learn everything about space, space travel, and astronauts.We learn about the science behind rockets, and forces of gravity. We will also explore how forces are transformed by using hands-on activities to demonstrate.
Students will be tasked on this day to use their skills to build a robotic arm for a veteran as a group
This session continues as we enter the blast zone!!!
We continue by learning about volcanoes and super eruptions! We demonstrate by making an elephant toothpaste volcanic experiment.. Each camper also create their own mini explosion using our super duper rocket fuel
Creativity Science – in the final session for the week, we encourage campers to use their knowledge and creativity to solve tasks independently and as a team. Teams must use their scientific creativity to help people who live on two different tropical island perform certain tasks more effectively using the natural resources they have.


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