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Your child will learn and make new friends in this week long camp. He/she will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors. Click HERE to view what your child typical day looks like.

The first rule in any of our camps is having FUN. Our goal is to inspire the love of science through FUN and engaging activities.


Summer (5-day Camp)

Day 1> Environmental Explorers

We start our week with activities about our environment. It’s a big, big, world !!
We learn about sustainability, renewable energy, why we need to recycle and all other important facts that would make our world sustainable.
We learn about solar power. We demonstrate with a solar powered car from the Cre8ive Zone fleet. Then, we build a solar powered oven.
We continue our quest, by learning about the water systems. Can we generate electricity from water? Let us find out, as we build a model water turbine. We end our day of renewables, by building an anemometer.

Day 2> Investigators

Balance…..let’s investigate. Using some household products, our scientists will start their day with this exciting investigation.
Is slime a non-newtonian fluid? Let’s investigate. After the second investigation, students will be able to answer this important question.
We learn about the importance of biodiversity. We investigate a small community (Cre8ive Zone playground) to determine what we can find. We investigate what the species found in this community eat, then we create a food chain.

Day 3> Colorful Cosmetics

Chemistry is everywhere around us! Chemical reactions, bonding etc. In this chemistry camp, we will learn about compounds, elements and hydrocarbons. We will explore different chemical reactions and how chemists practice safety in the lab.
We create colorful flowers using chromatography. We learn about scents, dyes, pH, viscosity, tension density using different mixing hands-on activities.

Day 4> Light it up!

It’s summer time, and the sun is hot! hot!! hot!!!
How do we protect ourselves from getting burnt? We learn about UV rays. We also create an experiment to learn about exposure to UV radiations.
Visual Illumination – We learn even more about light. We demonstrate by creating personal lava lamps using different colors to illuminate the Cre8ive Zone. (Note: this experiment also teaches about measurements and density)
Sunlight – children will learn about the importance of science tp plants and in growing crops. We will learn about the ideal conditions to grow crops, soil types, different types of crops, biome, sun etc. Finally, we demonstrate the concept by growing a pea (take home project).

Day 5> Everyday Matter

We learn about the three states of matter. Solids, liquids and Gases.
Why does helium balloon float in the air? We explore our environment. Learn about the composition of air, pressure, gravity, and what causes some things to fly (plane, balls etc)
Fun with Carbon-Dioxide Gas! – We learn about the term “sublimation” and other properties of carbon dioxide gas through a variety of hands-on experiments using dry ice. We carry out other cool experiments using dry ice by demonstrating how to blow a balloon. Students also get to experiment with big bubbles.
We explore more chemical reactions by learning and watching a demonstrating about exothermic reactions.


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