When: Tuesday – Friday         Time: 10:15 am until 12 noon

Our field trips are hands-on and always FUN for students and their teachers. We have different options to choose from, and more experiments are added on a continual basis.

Please note that teachers are welcome to consult with our staff if they want to create experiments, which are in line with what they are presently teaching their students in class.

Date: Please note that Summer Field Trips are offered on specified dates/weeks.
When: Monday – Friday
Time: 9:15 – 11:00 am  &  12:15 – 2:00 pm

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Field Trip Activities

The first rule during any of our hands-on activities is to have FUN.
Your child will participate in exciting and fun enriching science activities led by a team of dedicated instructors. Click on each activitiy for the knowledge and skills your child is expected to attain during this field trip


It’s all clear to me now!
We will examine how famous scientists identified color and where it comes from. We will demonstrate how rainbows are created and learn about Newton’s color wheel. We will also continue our fascination with rainbows by looking at properties of other metals in terms of how they reflect, refract and disperse light.
We will use Rainbow Diffraction Glasses to break-up white light into its component colors.

Shadows – Oh sooooooo creepy!!
We will continue the FUN by examining shadows. Small props will be given to students to demonstrate and learn about scientific terms such as opacity, transparency and translucency. Students will be allowed to take home their props for free.

Visual Illumination
We finish this session by learning even more about light. We demonstrate by creating personal lava lamps using different colors to illuminate the Cre8ive Zone. (Note: this experiment also teaches about measurements and density)
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Everyday Matter

Exploring Gooey Chemistry (Most Popular Science Activity)
During this session, we explore the states of matter. We learn about polymers, monomers, and colloids. We learn about the chemistry behind slime, before creating our own special slime to take home.
We continue our quest for learning about polymers by making instant worms. In this colorful chemistry activity, we examine the chemistry behind edible candies.
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Exploring Fizzy Matter

Fun with Carbon-Dioxide Gas! – We learn about the term “sublimation” and other properties of carbon dioxide gas through a variety of hands-on experiments using dry ice.
We carry out other cool experiments using dry ice by demonstrating how to blow a balloon. Students also get to experiment with big bubbles.
We learn more about chemical gaseous reactions by using rocket fuel to pop our own rockets and, we explore more chemical reactions by learning and watching a demonstrating about exothermic reactions.
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Smart Science

What is the difference between graphite and diamond?
This session examines the science of smart material. We examine the properties and scientific applications of materials such as polymers, polymorph and memory alloys. Children will learn the basics of heat transfer using these materials that can exist in more than one form.
First, we start by training our materials to respond to different shapes we assign to them. Then, we explore some principles of heat transfer using slime infused with thermochromic dye.
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Che-mystery – Solve Mysteries with Science

Research by scientists made it possible for detectives to use scientific tools to solve many mysteries…. Want to be a detective?
During this session, we will discover some of the scientific techniques used in fighting crimes by investigators. We will make matter disappear, and learn how to read mysterious writings…umm magical!!
The session facilitator will demonstrate using color-based solutions as part of our activities in solving mysteries.
Students become cryptologists for the day and will be tasked to uncover secret messages and more. Students will participate in the disappearing ink activity, and also have some fun with invisible ink. We finish our crime investigation activities by asking students to solve the final mystery – Who Dun-it? Students will use scientific techniques to reveal the culprit
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Fun with Robotics

Please note: this activity is suitable for small groups (15 Children or less)
We start the session by an introduction to Robotics, and what the world would be like without these machines.
We examine simple concepts and terms related to color coded robots, and learn how to create simple projects as a team.
The facilitator will also demonstrate how children can write simple codes using Blockly.
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Classic Science

This session is a mix of classic physical science activities…
Sound waves – children learn about the science behind sound, we demonstrate by making duck callers
Circuitry – flip the switch… and Ta-dah…the room lights up!
In this session, children will learn about the basics of electronics and how they impact our everyday lives. Children will demonstrate by using clay to learn about conductivity.
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Science Rocks

We start the day by exploring a range of hands-on activities about Heat and Temperature!
Feeling hot.. hot..   How hot can lava from a volcano get?  What volcano has the hottest lava? …Our students transform into volcanologists as we examine volcanoes, lava, magma, super eruptions, and the rock cycle. We will talk about geodes, and probably crack a few. We learn about the three basic types of rocks. We also learn about molten rock (magma), and how tectonic plates are moved around.
The instructor will demonstrate the concept by using an elephant toothpaste experiment. Finally, students will create a model volcanic experiment using safe household products.
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